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You seem to have an extremely IR pony. Does she cycle normally?
Is her udder swollen?

Are you able to exercise her?

As for her cycle, I have only known she was in heat a handful of times
in the 7+ years I've had her. I assume she is quietly cycling, but
definately no raging mare heats. Her udder is not swollen like a mare
in foal but it is easily visible & has to cleaned on a regular basis.
I guess I need to get out & see some more udders for comparison.

Excercise-yes she can be. Her dry lot is very large & she can do a
nice sprint with bucks, no problem. Farrier commented on her nice
white line just last week.

I questioned the prolactin because I can't do better with her #'s or
looks with the diet and she is flinchy on her hind quarters.
Something is causing her insulin resistance. She's better than what
she was, but not where I want her.

Terrie & Beauty (in IN)

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