Re: SPAM-LOW: SPAM-LOW: feeding suggestions for a chronic choker with cushings

Angela Lang

Hi Patti,

Thank you for the breakdown of his lab work. I am actually meeting with the vet on Sat for fall vaccinations and will discuss all of this with her. Regarding his feed. One bag does last more than 3 days. I opened one for his Sat p.m. feeding and they were on the same bag as of yesterday p.m.(Wednesday). I guess by figuring it like this it is not as bad as I thought but still I don't think it is enough. He's kind of a big guy....but of course a very easy keeper.....Remember too, he is not eating all that he is given so even if he is given more, or given the 15 lbs or so necessary, he doesn't eat it all. It is dumped in the morning/evening and fresh is given. Sandy suggested adding beet pulp which I am going to look into for at least one feeding that I know I can do each day. I will also add the salt as you suggested. I will also check into the hay pellets. If they would go down to mush that would probably work very well and I think he might like them better. Thanks so much.


But, as a ballpark, if a bag lasts him 3 days, he's getting enough and does not need anything else in the way of minerals (except for the salt).

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