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Dr. Kellon and Nutritional Experts.... back to Memfis
- he's doing really great, his ligament injury is 95%
healed, according to the ultrasound guy and they are
baffled and put his remarkable healing down to his
diet. His IR appears to be under control and I plan
to have him retested (blood) soon. He's back to work,
or should be only I have another set back.

Memfis has soft feet - he is "prone" to quarter
cracks, he has shoes and pads on the front and
barefoot at the back. He keeps twisting his shoes off
on the front right which is his softest foot and every
time he does this he rips off a bunch of foot - which
means no exercise because he's so soft in the foot and
stone bruises easily and being stall bound is horrible
for his mind and IR.

Help - I'vehad this issue in the past and gave him
Farrier's Formula - after he ripped half his foot off
and I had to stable him and let him out only with
boots on. It was awful and I'm heading down this
ridiculous road again.

My question is - is there something IR friendly that I
should be giving my boy to help him improve the
integrity of the hoof wall. His back feet by the way
- unshod, are a horrible shape and the hoof wall
breaks very easily - even the day after being trimmed
and shod. My farrier is wonderful, very talented,
and my only gripe with him is his limited

Please help.

Thank you

Sarah and Memfis

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