Fire Victim


Hi:? This is Nancy Nunke with Spots 'N Stripes Ranch, in Ramona, CA...I've lost my ranch in the fire and I don't have anything with my passwords or other internet 'stuff', so please pass this on to someone who could have my Cushings emails come to me in a single email instead of individual emails...they are taking up all my available email space and I can only get to my emails on a friend's computer a couple of times a week, and important emails are being bounced back because my email box is please, please, someone change my individual Cushings emails to a single email on yahoo....thank you, thank you, thank you...

Nancy Nunke
635 Old Julian Highway
Ramona, CA 92065


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From: Linda <lindarollins38@...>
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Sent: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 1:50 pm
Subject: [EquineCushings] collection tubes-got any?

I need PLASTIC red-topped tubes for the iron profile to send to KSU.
My vet gave me glass, but the KSU site specifically states "no glass
tubes." Why does everything seem so hard????????????????sometimes..

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