Re: Fire Victim

goddess03259 <threecatfarm@...>


I've changed your email delivery to digest format. You should get two or three digests per
day. If that is still too much I can change your delivery to "No Mail". Send an email to me
privately at threecatfarm "at' firstbridge "dot" net if you'd like me to do that.

Please let us know how you are doing. Our thoughts are with you.

Nancy C and Beau and Gabe in NH

--- In EquineCushings@..., SpotsNStripesRch@... wrote:

Hi:? This is Nancy Nunke with Spots 'N Stripes Ranch, in Ramona, CA...I've lost my ranch in
the fire and I don't have anything with my passwords or other internet 'stuff', so please pass
this on to someone who could have my Cushings emails come to me in a single email instead
of individual emails

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