Re: Dr. Kellon and Nutritional Experts


He's back to work,
or should be only I have another set back.

Memfis has soft feet - he is "prone" to quarter
cracks, he has shoes and pads on the front and
barefoot at the back.
Hi Sarah ~

How long has he been on the TC Safe Starch forage? A month?
It takes 6-8 months or more to grow out a new hoof capsule.
If you've got him totally on the TC feed now, it is balanced and you
shouldn't need anything else with it. If the TC feed is only part of
his diet (and he's still getting untested hay with it)then a smaller
dose of Farrier's Formula (proportional to the percent of hay in his
total ration) would be appropriate. i.e. - if he's getting half hay,
half TCSS, then a half dose of Farrier's Formula - 3oz (although more
won't hurt him).

Meanwhile, I'd follow Abby's advice concerning hoof care and not be in
a rush to ride - exercise and movement, yes, but not real "rider weight-
bearing work" until he's had a chance to grow new feet. Get your
farrier on board with Abby's ideas to stabilize his feet and have your
farrier show you what good hoof growth by the coronet looks like - when
it's all the way to the ground he'll likely be ready to ride.

Patti K
Vail AZ

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