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Sandra Su

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Thu Nov 1, 2007 1:51 pm (PST)
I board at a facility and they will only do so much. I make sure I
am the one to give his meds every day just cause there are too many
variables it seems when you board your horse.
I board, too, and what I do for Penny's supplements is to
make up baggies, one for each feeding, and then all the barn owner
has to do is dump in the supplement/meds mix when she feeds Penny. If
you think they might not soak the beet pulp enough or
rinse/soak/rinse it, I think you can measure out a few days' worth,
do it yourself, and put it in bags or containers, if the barn has a
refrigerator and can store it. If you want to find out more -- how
long it keeps, etc., I read it in past messages for when people were
going to be away and had someone else feeding their horses.
If everything's measured out for them, and all they have to
do is take a bag of beet pulp out of the fridge and dump in a bag of
supplements at each feeding, they probably can get it right.

Sandy Su

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