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Sandra Su

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Thu Nov 1, 2007 6:54 pm (PST)

My question is - is there something IR friendly that I should be
giving my boy to help him improve the
integrity of the hoof wall.
Try Miracle Hoof Oil. You paint it on the hoof, and I really
do think it makes it stronger. My farrier told me to use it. Since
you paint it on, it's not going to interfere with his diet. Might
help, can't hurt. There's a site on the Internet telling about it,
and you can get info there for ordering it. This is a product Mike
Wildenstein, the farrier at Cornell Univ., recommends. My farrier was
a student of his, and I think his work is a Mike Wildenstein clone,
but he'll come to the barn to do Penny. He costs more, but I think
he's worth every penny.

Sandy Su

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