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Sandra Su

Posted by: "Janet Gerl"
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Thu Nov 1, 2007 6:43 am (PST)
Dr. Kellon looked at my hay analysis and also my supplements and
commented that my horse doesn't need any more iron. I think that
meant that it was high but not necessarily harmful. But personally,
I'd still like to get rid of the xtra iron in the supplements. She
thought my supplements were fine.
You are very lucky, if your supplements match your hay. Most
of us need a custom mix, since hays can vary so much in the amounts
of each mineral. Have you had your hay tested and found that the
supplement you use matches that?

So, the other part of my email asked if all supplements "packages"
include iron. Do you or does anyone else know of a packaged mineral
supplement (meaning off the shelf) without iron?
You can get custom mineral mixes from HorseTech and Uckele.
That means you wouldn't have to mix your own, and it'd come in a tub,
just like one off the shelf. But I hear that's more expensive than
buying the ingredients and mixing your own.
I haven't looked into commercial, premixed mineral
supplements, because chances are, they won't have just what I need in
the correct amounts, and nothing I don't need. I mix my own.

Sandy Su

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