Re: New participating Member & Horse

Sandra Su

Posted by: "Zachary Farms"

Wed Oct 24, 2007 7:46 am (PST)
When the ACTH was drawn Lily wasn't on the
Pergolide. BET LAB took a month before they ran
the ACTH test..evidently they only run it when
they have a full batch
This is outrageous! When you do tests,
you want the results ASAP. Next time, can you
convince your vet to send the blood to Cornell?
That's where my horse's tests were done, & I got
answers in about a week. Even then, Cornell sent
the results to my vet who then snail-mailed them
to me.

TCSSF and Ontario cubes…Does the list have a
preference on which of those to use?
I'd say ODTB cubes, because of the higher fat in the TCSS.

Sandy Su

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