Have I calculated Correctly?

Sharon Stokesbary <slstokes@...>

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has time to check my work and to answer
a few questions. I uploaded my hay analysis and spreadsheet to
'Sharon's Hay'. I am currently using EquiPride and tried to balance
while using that product but it seemed easier to just add a few of the
minerls and drop EquiPride.

I came up with:
7g magnesium
22g salt
565 mg Zinc (I used the hand worksheet to come up with zinc and copper
186 mg copper
1800 IU Vit E

1. I have neg manganese. Is that OK or do I need to do more to balance?

2. Can I use Redmond salt for the Na requirement? My horses currently
have it free choice but I will add it directly to the feed as well.

3. I was reading other posts and read mention of getting mag-ox from
feed store. How does this compare to Uckele's? Is there a quality

4. What is the best (and easiest) way to get the Vit E? Are Uckele's
coconut products a good source of E (I don't see analysis on their site)?

5. Did I miss anything in my spreadsheet?

Thanks much to anyone who can help!


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