Re: Smaller manure balls

J Amick

Oh yes, same thing with my gelding. He wears a muzzle (small hole)
outside during the day,
and is fed and kept inside at night. If muzzled, your boy is only
taking in about 1/4 the
total amount that he previously ingested, by wearing that
muzzle. If no muzzle is being
worn, then it has to do with the decreasing of the vittles, and the
type that you are
feeding. Nothing to be worried about.

bh94117 wrote:

Within this last month, I have noticed that his manure balls are
smaller than I have ever seen in him. I have no idea what to make of
this, but tend to think
that his healthier diet means a healthier horse and digestive system.
He is also on APF and

Anyone else ever notice this before?
Bonnie & Isaac
San Francisco


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