Re: What do i need to do to see improvement?

J Amick

Do you have any boots on him to protect that foot from the ground?
Perhaps you should look into this. Try the diaper boot first to see if
he responds to the additional softness.

I was in the same boat for about 6-7 months, then had additional xrays
taken recently and found
that my gelding has grown an "elf" pointed tip at the end of his
coffin bone. This
came from last year's penetration of the coffin bones on both front.
fronts have this. In speaking with Dr. K, and a few other specialists
the tip is being "remodeled", and he needs the soft ride boots. This
horse can NEVER be barefoot, is exactly what I was told by a podiatrist
vet, and I am now looking into glue on shoes. Since I put the
Soft ride boots on him,
he is now gaiting up a storm in the pasture. He has had NO shoes on
since January.

Just some food for thought.

mel wrote:

My horse is still no better.

Hes been wrong a year now. hes been barefoot since march. since about
may hes been the same soundness wise. he toe flicks, gets sore just
before trimming if left too long (currently going 3 weeks) and sore
after trimming for a day or so. his last laminitis attack was january.

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