Re: Hay analysis

Janet Gerl

Sandy wrote:
You are very lucky, if your supplements match your hay. Most
of us need a custom mix, since hays can vary so much in the amounts
of each mineral. Have you had your hay tested and found that the
supplement you use matches that?

Sandy . . . I'm pretty new here, so in light of that, let me just say I
can't imagine mixing your own supplements ingredient by ingredient.
Surely you are purchasing some pre-packaged supplements to make up your
entire mix to match your hay.
I'm under the impression that we are just trying to stay within "safe"
acceptable ranges. So I'm guessing that Dr. Kellon looked at my hay
results and the PDFs I sent her of my supplement labels and concluded
that I'm within the safe ranges and all is well.

In answer to your last question, yes I have had my hay tested and after
sending that information along with PDFs of my supplements, Dr. Kellon
said it looks okay. She just commented that he didn't need any more
iron in his diet. So based on that, I asked if anyone knew of
pre-packaged supplements without iron. An overall vitamin - mineral mix
without iron. And someone did respond with what I see to be an
acceptable supplement without iron that I am considering switching to.


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