Test Results for Foxy

Barbara <b.dayton@...>

I finally recieved a copy of Foxys test results. I am confused about
the results. I tried comparing the results to others posted but her
numbers are so much different. Could someone please tell me what they

Lab Used: IDEXX Laboratories

Pre Dexamethasone Result 3.0 Reference Range 1-3 ug/dL Flag (blank)
Post Dexamethasone Result 1.7 Reference Range 1-3 ug/dL Flag H

Insulin Result 15 Ref Range 29-179 pmol/L Flag L
Glucose Result 4.3 Ref Range 4.2-6.4 mmol/L Flag (blank)
Insulin:Glucose Ratio Result 3
T4 Result 1.4 Ref Range 0.9-2.8 ug/dL Flag (blank)


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