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This morning I am not so rattled. The farrier came and took her toes
back and lowered her heels. He elevated her feet one at a time on a
board so she did not have to stand on one foot. We have padded her
with a toe relief. I would like to give her an area that connects to
her stall that is another 10 x 10 space. This way she can move to
the outside to look around. Is this a good idea. The footing is pea
gravel and shaving and it is level.

Tilly's other vet that does accupuncture and chinese medicine called
this morning to see how she is. She told me she has about four or
five other horses that have crashed this fall. All but one of them
is very controlled with diet. She said she is not sure what is
causing this, but wonders if our weather which has been very warm in
the day and very cold 20 to 25 at night has something to do with it.

Thanks and waiting for Dr. Kellon to Help.

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Dr. Kellon,
I have e-mailed the x rays from August this year and the ones I had
done today to you. I am having trouble posting them to the photo

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