Re: Dr. Kellon and Nutritional Experts


You might try cornucrescine made by Carr & Day & Martin. Its a product from
the UK sold by several retailers - google it. We used it all the time when
I was a kid. You massage it into the coronet band and it increases hoof
growth. When a previous horse of mine foundered the vet was amazed at the
speed the hoof re-grew and the quality. It can also be used on areas where
hair has been rubbed off like elbows and hocks. It causes the hair to
regrow and to grow back in the correct color rather than white. Possibly
useful for the horses who are off their feet and may be getting "bed
sores". Also a little goes a very long way!!

Here is a synopsis from a retailer
* Cornucrescine* promotes and accelerates healthy horn growth and aids
re-structuring of the hoof when used regularly. Cornucrescine also aids
re-growth of hair on scars and rubbed areas. Lasts forever, AMAZING.

- Unique formulation that promotes and accelerates healthy hoof
- Cornucrescine maintains optimum hoof condition and aids
re-structuring of the hoof
- Cornucrescine also aids re-growth of hair
- Apply Cornucrescine regularly by hand, rubbing in well around the
coronet band. Results will be visible in 4-6 weeks


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