Re: Beet pulp and supplements?


do any of you have experience feeding beet pulp in conjunction w/
bermuda hay... how does that effect the supplements? I've been using
the Arizona Regional Mix (which is tailered to our Az bermuda hay) but
wondered if I'm messing up the balance w/ a relatively high percentage
of beet pulp (about 40%).
The reason I've increased the BP ratio is that it seems to keep my
older gelding's tummy happy.
Hi Krista ~
With that much beet pulp, you should probably get both your beet pulp
and hay analyzed. I presume you're feeding 40% beet pulp according to
dry weight (before soaking) - so it might be something like 6lbs beet
pulp/10lbs hay? It's going to change the calcium/phosphorus balance and
probably increase the need for copper.
While I like (and use) the AZ Regional Mix, it won't "balance" a high
iron hay.
You might also want to see if you can get TC Safe Starch forage in your
area - its balanced to itself and, if it agrees with him, could be a
good option.

Patti K
Vail AZ

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