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I can give you a recommendation for grain for your Cushings horse. Triple Crown Low Starch. I give a scoop to my 28 yr. old Morgan Gelding twice a day, morning and evening. It brought his weight up, and he looks and acts like a 6 yr old again. My vet is amazed. Even his coat lost it curls and he shed out beautifully during the spring and early summer. He is also given very dry grass hay. His treats are parsley and celery instead of the apple and carrots I give my other horses.

Several of the local boarders also use this grain (actually a rice bran) on their older horses successfully.

Kelly Hill <firegoldh@...> wrote:
Hello everyone! I am new and originally came here in
Oct. due to my suspected Cushings 22yr old gelding
Squirt but I have found so many things here that I
think can help my other horses that my head is
spinning. (I have Squirt's blood work (he is Cushings)
and the hay is off being tested. He is on the
emergency diet and Pergoglide is on order. I will
update his information soon.)

I am actually inquiring about my 19 yr old Poppin. He
came to me w/ a navicular cyst in one hoof and has
been on 1/2-1gm bute daily for at least 2.5 years.
(EGADS!) I tried devil's claw, yucca, etc and have not
noticed a difference. He has been struggling w/ on and
off bouts of White Line disease for the past year. We
get it under control and then it flares again. I did
xrays and his heel was sinking in his "good foot". He
has sensitive skin (everything must be padded), does
not like to be touched (brushing is horse abuse) and
now he is blowing abcesses in both front feet. He also
tends to get a fungussy/rain rot type affliction on
his body that seems to coincide w/ the white line
flare ups. My farrier and I agree that there might be
some immune system issues but my vet doesn't think so.
His coat is normal. Should this horse have a blood

I have got to get this horse off bute but he stands w/
both front feet out. The last trim we had abcesses but
saw healthy white line tissue. He is on Isoxsuprene
for the cyst. After reading this list I think I should
try Jioagulan and APF and get off the bute and get him
on the BP/balanced diet. My last question is can he be
on Isoxsuprene and Jioagulan at the same time?? Any
other recommendations?

Sorry this is so long but thanks to you all I have
hope for my boys!

Kelly and Squirt (Poppin, too)

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Debb Gordon

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