Re: Problems with Hind End - Need some help

Saucier Kathy

Julie, you are right to question the feet and look at diet whenever something changes in your horse's movement, like the weight shift.
Just an example, with Magic we never had warmth in the hooves or pulses except when he had the one really severe case. And that time his laying down and pain in his eyes were plenty to tell us. So if you want to catch them early and reverse it before it gets bad, the best thing is to KNOW YOUR HORSE. If you know how they should move, act or look when normal then keep in tune with them, the best thing for them is to act as soon as anything is slightly off. When they are IR or Cushing's it is better to be over cautious than assume otherwise. And don't let anyone tell me it is nothing or say oh he is just having an off day.

On looking back over the past we have seen patterns in his movement. Heavy-on-the-forehand was always part of it. It is known that if they hurt in the front feet, they put more weight onto their backends. I guess the strain on the back end after shifting so much gets more sore than the feet when it is a mild case. Then they are avoiding the pains and strains in the back end and get heavy on the front.
So we think there is something else going on instead of sore front feet.

Experts have any input on this? Does that scenario sound right about why they may ride heavy on the forehand in mild foot soreness situations?

When gait changes, I now think feet first and look at the diet.
Kathy, Magic and Grayson

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