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Hi Susie, We've all been where you are with the confusion and head-
swimming flood of info, so you are not alone. Take a deep breath and
don't panic. Unfortunately, many vets are not up with the times on
these issues and do not know about the affordable options available
to help our equines. Your goal is whatever YOU want it to be. It's
great that you manage your herd with an eye out for founder as that
puts you a step up on many people who don't even give it a thought.
The trouble with a metabolically challenged equine is that some of
the littlest things can push them over the edge into laminitis and
founder. The dex suppression test will tell you whether the animal
has Cushings or not but not to what degree. The advantage of the
ACTH test is that it gives you the "how much" ingredient of the
equation. Also, if the animal is on pergolide (medication used to
treat the Cushings) the test can be used to assess whether the
current dose is working and how well. The insulin and glucose tests
are for determining Insulin Resistence. This is a condition common
in ponies that may be due to the Cushings or be a problem unto
itself. It is controlled by diet. The diet needs to be low in
sugar/starch and mineral balanced. This is almost impossible to
achieve if you don't know what the content of the hay is-looking at
it doesn't tell you anything. Over supplementing is just as bad as
under supplementing. Please consult the info you were sent when you
joined. The emergency diet is included and will get you on the right
road. After that, as you digest the information you can ask more
questions and we can help you get your pony back on track. Best
wishes to you and
Lavinia, Nappi and George

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