Re: Dr. Kellon and Nutritional Experts

Jennifer <JVDBrasco@...>

I agree that Memfis should be producing a better hoof w/his new diet.
Maybe there hasn't been enough time yet for a better hoof to grow down
to where a shoe/nail impacts the hoof.

In my opinion, I think the best thing for him to stimulate healthier
hoof growth is to pull those shoes and remove those pads and properly
fit him in hoof boots w/pads. That will make movement more
comfortable for him which is essential. The mechanisms of his hoof
need to be able to function optimally in order to allow for proper
blood flow which a shoe restricts. Nails in a hoof wall only stand to
further compromise an already compromised hoof wall. Also, a hoof
needs to breath and lord only knows what sorts of things are growing
under that pad and potentially causing all sorts of BAD things to grow
(i.e. that environment allows thrush to flourish).

Personally, I'd avoid adding any "foot" supplements to his diet being
that he's already compromised as an IR horse. You need to fix what's
inside before you'll grow a good hoof. You can't do it the other way

Jennifer Reinke


Sarah wrote:

Memfis has soft feet - he is "prone" to quarter
cracks, he has shoes and pads on the front and
barefoot at the back. He keeps twisting his shoes off
on the front right which is his softest foot and every
time he does this he rips off a bunch of foot - which
means no exercise because he's so soft in the foot and
stone bruises easily and being stall bound is horrible
for his mind and IR.

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