Re: new to the group!!


- but I mentioned to Renita that some mares
develop gestational IR so it is good to be proactive.

This happened to our mare, Kayla, around the 5th month, suddenly got
this huge cresty neck and sore feet and looked like a short draft horse
( she is a paint) fat shoulders, everything, she was acting sick,
lethargic, her blood numbers never came up in the IR range or even in
the compensated--- she was a 12 somthing----but it didnt matter she
needed help, so we put her on the E diet and did all the soaking
etc...and voila everything reversed, and the whole rest of her
pregnancy we kept her on a proper low S/S diet with tested hay and
minerals balanced, via the help of all the fine folks here on the
list.. and she had the most beautiful baby colt..So.... Yes watch
closely and be proactive..

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