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Fri Nov 2, 2007 7:06 am (PST)
Sandy . . . I'm pretty new here, so in light of that, let me just
say I can't imagine mixing your own supplements ingredient by
Lots of us do. I do.

Surely you are purchasing some pre-packaged supplements to make up
your entire mix to match your hay.
I purchase prepackaged supplements that aren't mixed, but the
selenium supplement does have vit. E in it, since I can't find one
w/o. Still, I add the gel caps because I've heard that E in powdered
form isn't very effective. Also, the biotin supplement Dr. K
recommended is some sort of mix. But the rest is pretty much single
It is a pain to mix up the stuff every few days, and at the
beginning, I griped about it. But getting HorseTech or Uckele would
cost more, so I do it. Also, now I have all these stray packages of
supplements that'd be wasted if I got a custom mix.
I think a lot of other people here do the same. They balance
the stuff in their hay to what they add to the supplements so the
diet is as totally balanced as possible. Weird, huh, the lengths
we'll go to?
For an example, here's what Dr. K recommended I add, based on
my hay test:
For 20 to 22 lbs of hay:

Magnesium 1 tbsp as you have been doing is just right
Copper 110 mg/day from Poly Copper (= 880 mg of Poly Cu by weight)
Zinc 400 mg/day from Poly Zinc ( = 1820 mg of Poly Zinc by weight)
Pyridoxine 100 mg (use human, can crush in a coffee grinder)
Folic acid 10 mg (use human)
Biotin 1/2 oz of Su-Per Biotin from here:
Selenium 3 mg from E-Se powder at:
Iodine from 3 tablespoons of iodized salt
Vitamin E (in addition to what's in the E-Se powder) 2000 IU from
Uckele Liquid E-50 or human soft gelcaps, or add 2 oz/day of CocoSoya
or Olive Oil and just use an addition 1000 IU/day
Ground stabilized flax, or freshly ground flax seed, 4 oz/day.

So I'm guessing that Dr. Kellon looked at my hay results and the
PDFs I sent her of my supplement labels and concluded that I'm
within the safe ranges and all is well.
The amounts may be safe but not balanced, though. I don't
know. But I do know that generally, prepackaged, premixed supplements
won't balance to your hay. If yours do, you
're extremely lucky.

Sandy Su

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