Re: Alam

Saucier Kathy

Last year I was looking into some feeds at a new feedstore that claimed low sugar and starch. I had purchased the one called Alliance ADM Seniorglo and had the sugar and starch tested. NSC came to 13-14%. But fat was extremely high at 8.7% and I knew my horse was sensitive to too high fat and didn't use it.
This same store also carried the Alam by McCauley's but I checked the archives and found these two messages and printed them off for easy reference. So if anyone is still looking at the Alam, go to #60988 from Dr. Kellon and #79503 from a member who had called the company.
I chose not to change from the TCLS because the Alam mineral profile was less of a fit for my hay than the TCLS.
Kathy Saucier

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