Re: Trying to prioritize


She is need of deworming again too so that will be at the top of my
I haven't done any new bloodwork and won't for a while yet but even on
an extremely strict diet she still had high insulin everytime I
tested it.
So, what would you all start with first keeping in mind the very
little time that I have right now to devote to her?
Thank you,

Hey Kelly,
I am so sorry to here about your daughter my son was in an ATV
accident 2 years ago, sustained severe TBI (tramatic brain injury)and
was 9 months in rehab,permanently altered him. I understand the toll
this takes on your time and emotions..

I also understand the mess it puts our husbands in when they are left
to take over in things they are not used to taking care
of small children, households and high maintenance horses.

Dont feel guilty about Peggy it will work out, to help out her and
hubby how about just feed her hay and custom mix, if you hay is low
enuff S/S, would you have time to make several days worth of her
minerals mixed up in baggies with other supps and her meds if others
chime in and see the need, then hubby can just open a ziplock and serve..

Is there a farrier in your area you trust that can take over her feet
while you are caring for your daughter?

Know any teenage girls (or boys) who would be willing to comeover in
the afternoons and help out with barn chores or wrapping legs etc...

I know these suggestions arent much, mainly I just wanted you to know
I understand how overwhelming life is for you right now and not too
feel guilty that Peggy isnt getting her deluxe treatment she will be
fine on the basics..

Take time to care for your daughter.
Keep your chin up your daughter will need your strength.

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