Re: Nutritional Seminar with Poulin next week

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One of our large clinics is hosting an evening of speakers, one of
which is
Dr Donovan from Poulin. Do you have any questions you'd like me to
about Carb Safe? I'm already going to ask about the added Iron and
see if
I can get an update of mineral levels.
Nancy C and Beau and Gabe in NH

Iron is one question; another is why they don't think the magnesium is
important and don't include it in their guaranteed analysis. They also
have a brand new feed called Equi-Pro Revolution with "controlled
starch" but I don't know what that means - what's the nsc?

And here's a question for them or anyone that knows - I presume that
soybean hulls are OK, but soybean meal? Doesn't that contain
estrogens? Shouldn't we avoid plant estrogens for animals with
Cushings/hormonal issues?


PS Revolution also contains wheat middlings and distillers grains -
problems with those for IR?

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