Re: Testing of feeds - was Carb Guard vs TC Lite (NSC)

Sandra Su

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Fri Nov 9, 2007 4:00 pm (PST)

For a horse that's in trouble, the only function of the "feed" is to
carry the needed vitamins and minerals into the horse. Nothing is
safer for doing that than rinsed/soaked/rinsed beet pulp - which has
other benefits as well such as lowering triglycerides.
I understand this, and I use Carb-Guard to carry Penny's supplements.
My idea was to use a low-S/S feed rather than the sweet feed the barn
ordinarily gives horses so that Penny wasn't getting any extra S/S,
not even a little. I thought this might be better, especially since
Penny's diet isn't as tight as it should be. She is out in a pasture,
and she does eat what little grass there is. There's not much, so
it's probably stressed, but since there's not much, I figure maybe
she's burning calories just trying to nibble the little ends that she
gets. Because she's getting that bit of grass, I didn't want to
overload her with S/S from feed, too, even if it's only about a pound
a day.
She gets hay in the pasture, which is tossed in for her and
her pasture mates, and when there's hay, the horses eat that, but
when the hay is gone, they nibble at the grass.
A grazing muzzle isn't practical in my boarding situation.
Penny seems to be doing fine on this plan, but it'd be nice
to know Carb-Guard is really lower S/S than, say, sweet feed, which
would be free (the barn provides that, but I have to pay for any
special feed, and I have to go get it and take it to the barn), and
Penny would probably like it better, even with her supplements in it.
I swear, she's just like a child. She'd rather have a candy bar than
So, am I really making a difference by going to the extra
trouble and expense of using Carb-Guard? In such a small amount,
would the sweet feed work just as well? I didn't think so, but if the
answer is yes, then my life would be a lot easier.

Sandy Su

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