Re: New member from Alabama!

Mandy Woods

Hi Shannon,
Welcome to the group. Coco is a handsome fella. He does have a cresty neck! You will read the ponies are IR because they are ponies. IR is managed by Diet. Its the second "D" in the DDTE/E'S that we preach about. We really recommend a low sugar/starch diet and all your horses will benefit from it.
After you've read the files that were sent to you, please fill out a case history on Coco for us at so we can see everything you feed him, his symptoms etc. You may be able to avoid laminitis/founder by changing his diet now! Hows' that for proactive!
The files are packed with new information so you may be speaking 'greek' to your horse friends.
Mandy and Asher in VA
ps: Nutrena Safe Choice lists at 22.8% sugar/starch and thats way too high for an IR pony. You should try the Temporary Emergency Diet.

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