Chastetree Berry



I'm new to the group. I really don't know what I have. I'm just
trying to understand all the info. Because of a price deal I had both
horses tested in Feb. 05. Luke, the horse we didn't suspect came in at
Insulin 148.8 Glu 119

The vet suggested hypercepadine but I chose Chastetree berry
(Frontier whole berries 1tsp 2x day run through coffee grinder). Both
horses were on grass hay with a little beep pulp and free choice
minerals. I might add that I couldn't keep up with the Ca usage.

June 06
Insulin 4 Glu 95

I took him off Chastetree because of that low number. Vet thought
number was fine. Because of an unrelated problem blood work was done

Oct 06
Glu 174

Jan 07
Insulin 49.9 (no chastetree berry for 7 months)
Glu 130
T3 49 T4 1.7

He is back on chastetree.

Am I doing all right with the chastetree and any comments on Insulin


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