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for fuel crops now?? Many of us immediately called our mills ,many
in her
area of the country and none of us were told that..As usual, this
time of
year its harder to get, and my personal mill told me that he
couldnt get it
until about a week ago
Thanks for posting that Sheri. We started hearing similar stories of
shortage, or diverted into biofuels, etc. about a month ago but,
like you said, just looked that the annual short falls that happen
right around sugar beet harvest time.

It came across the wire to only buy BP from CA as BP
from other staes had been 'tested' and found to have sand added to
the bags
.... but the last few bags have been white , pretty clean and
beautiful..It seems when I get the BP in Poly woven bags
its 'dirty' The
clean stuff has always come in paper bags
- and thanks for the tip too! I doubt the sand/dirt is added to the
BP. Sounds more like slip shod processing. The beets are pressure
cleaned before slicing but it doesn't get all the dirt. What remains
comes out mostly in the soaking containers and gets removed along
with the pulp. If they're skimping on any further cleaning of the
pulp, it will get bagged right along with it.


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