Re: stained teeth

Sheri Becker

Does this mare happen to wear a grazing muzzle also?
I have a mare here who, before I made a drylot, (heck before I knew what IR was..way before she was also diagnosed w/Cushing's) used to wear a grazing muzzle.My Equine dentist noticed her teeth were stained looking.She was wearing the enamel off her teeth from rubbing against the muzzle which made them stain easily.He looked at me and said "you turn her out with a grazing muzzle dont you?" He told me that he had seen a few horses with this, and they all wore the muzzle..Now the same mare,who hasnt worn a muzzle for 3-4 yrs now has to be watched for gingivitis..she got inflamed gums this yr.I think she was trying to get the nubs of grass that popped up in the dry lot this spring and it was from getting dirt in there.
Sheri in PA

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