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Where do you get the seeds?? I need to clarify.? Do you mean 1 TBSP morning and evening or do you mean 2 TBSP morning and evening?



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The local horse rescue group, which has used chasteberry, suggested 2
tablespoons in 2 feedings. I feed my old guy 4 times per day, so I have
added a tablespoon in each of his feedings. I have a coffee grider just
for the seeds. His numbers were on the rise (with the pergolide) and he
gets tested again the end of January -- so I will know then if the
chasteberry is working. At first, he did not want to eat his beet pulp
mix with the chasteberry -- but after three meals he was O.K., with it.
I was told that chasteberry is typically used in early diagnosis. That
said, my vet did not want to raise his pergolide dosage anymore (yet he
is a large belgian X draft), so I'm trying the chasteberry for almost 8
weeks before his next test. (The previous test was in July... and it
was only recently that I decided on the chasteberry after watching that
curly winter coat come in). I will inform this message board of my

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