Re: hyperthyroid?

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Thanks for your response, Jane. I did check the anhydrosis files
prior to having the bloodwork done, which is why I wanted the vet
to check her thyroid levels. However, the files suggest that this is
normally a problem with HYPO rather than HYPER thyroidism,
wherein her T3 should have been low, rather than high.

However, one statement in the files did seem possibly relevant: "as
I understand it, too much TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is
produced which leads ultimately to thyroid exhaustion, the thyroid
ceases to respond to the TSH and therefore is no longer producing
sufficient thryoidhormones. The key with that disease is to slow
down the pituitary's production of TSH (and other hormones) so
that the thyroid can recover and produce the correct amount of
thyroid hormones."

The vet suggested (before we had the results back) that if they
came back without answers, we might test her ACTH. Does the
above statement suggest that her ACTH might be the root cause?
Does it make sense to have the vet back out for ad'l bloodwork?

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You can check the files for anhydrosis. They should give you a lot
of information on this condition which is most often caused by stress
in some form and probably a feed imbalance too.

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