Vet Questions and Hind Leg Stance Question

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Hi all,

Linda, I believe, but am not positive, that horses certainly can be
diabetic without being cushinoid. Very curious to hear what the vet
has to say. I would suggest laying out as concisely as possible the
previous tests and vets' diagnosis... call ahead and have the new
vets office request the old test results from BOTH of your previous
vets. Then let the new vet suggest whatever diagnosis/tests he/she
believes would be useful. Very very interested to hear the results.

On another subject... I just noted something really odd with my mare,
Tina (29, Cushings for the last 5-4 years, currently just on modified
diet -- no alfalfa, Eq. Sr. & Rice Bran + Thyrol-l). The past year
or two I had noticed that there seemed to be something slightly odd
that would cause her to stub/trip on a hind leg occassionally -- not
badly, and only when ridden (very rare anymore, mainly because I just
don't have time and figure she's done enough).

Yesterday she was standing very funny behind, and I hadn't noticed
this before. When she has full weight on one hind leg it is
normal... when its only partial weight, the hind ankle pops forward
or sort of knuckles over almost like you'd see with contracted
tendons, except this is HIND legs. Both do it, one slightly more
than the other. She'll have the foot almost flat to the ground, but
the ankle popped a good bit more forward than it should be. As she
shifts weight onto the leg, the ankle will move back to where it

I don't know if the earlier slight tripping is related, tho my
suspicion would be yes... She doesn't seem lame or bothered by it
either, although I believe the hind leg hind end coordination may be
affected -- hard to tell since we're coming off a mild founder in the
front feet only that appears to be doing quite well...

Have any of you seen anything like this? Any thoughts?

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