Re: Front Runner Cool Command feed


That was pretty much what I was thinking. I'm trying to get more info
from the company but that doesn't always work!

I think I'm driving the feed guy nuts. It's to the point where places
know me as the "diabetic horse" woman and I'm afraid they are calling
me the "nutty woman with the diabetic horse" behind my back! lol
He is trying. I guess one other suppiers picked this line up or
something and he got the newsletter and copied it for me.

I'll work on the testing for it if I can.
I didn't care for how much they said to feed. Jazz would go nuts
getting that much of this feed and so little hay. She may like pellets
and grains but a mare needs her hay! I think she is asking santa to
bring her a round bale a day for the rest of her life. lol Just don't
tell her she is more then likely getting a new halter or saddle pad.

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