Re: I am in need of desperate help for my horse that is suffering with laminitis.

Harvest Moon <collieherd@...>

Blackeyedarabian, I was wondering where you live? If you post where you are located, maybe someone from the list is nearby and can help you figure all this stuff out first-hand. You sound like you're in quite a panic about this, and it's just been going on for so long. We all feel for you.

Getting your mare on the emergency diet is your first step in the right direction, and something you can do right now while figuring out the rest of this stuff.

If you can please not use all caps when you type, that would help a lot. It's very hard to read a post like that, I had to read it several times before I could understand what you were trying to say. Thanks!

Best of luck to you, I hope you will get the testing done to determine whether or not your mare is IR and/or Cushings, as then the folks here will be able to help you with the diet and management stuff. I struggled with my Shetland's severe founder problems for 7 months before someone finally pointed me in the right direction, and the folks and info here saved his life. Today, 10 months since his last founder, he's a healthy little guy with great feet and a strict feeding program.

--Shelley & Butterscotch (and Lacy & Annie, too)

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