Re: I am in need of desperate help for my horse that is suffering with laminitis.


I too am at my wits end over my Mares health. When I first
subscribed to this group I got the e-mail concerning the emergency
diet but my husband deleted it. I was wondring if you could send me
a copy of it.


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Hi blackeyedarabian,

Could I ask a favour, please turn your CAPS off - makes it hard to
read the message.

You have a horse that has laminitis ongoing for one year.

When you joined the list, you were emailed details of an emergency
diet. Get started, take charge and control of what your mare is
eating immediately! When we discuss washing hay, we actually want
you to soak it for 1 hour in cold water (lots of water) or 1/2 hour
in hot water, drain the water from the hay and feed it wet. This
reduces the sugar content in the hay. Weigh the hay dry (using a hay
net and fish scale) and let us know how much she's getting. STOP all
grain, feed only hay. She should be getting 2% of her body weight
until we get this sorted out. So if she weighs 900 lbs, she should
be getting 18 pounds of hay before soaking. The Emergency Diet lists
details of supplements we want you to add. Magnesium, Vitamin E,
Salt. That's it for now - we'll deal with the rest shortly.

Has your vet helped you with a diagnosis? Cushings? Insulin
Resistance? What has caused the laminitis?

How old is your mare? What breed is she? Is she overweight?
Underweight? Thick, cresty neck or unusual fat pads anywhere? Can
you post pictures of her feet? Did I read that she's in boots? Have
you had any x-rays done? If so, can you get copies of those onto the
internet for us too.

You do not need to detox her. Horses do an amazing job of detoxing

You need to reduce the sugar, starch and fat additions in the
diet. She needs safe roughage ONLY. If she's Cushing's, she'll need

I can promise, you won't need to spend another $30,000 to fix this
horse - OUCH! I'm really hoping that was a typo.

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