Re: insulin high

Nancy C

Hi Marybeth -

I agree with Joan and can speak from personal experience. If Buddy's
insulin is that high it is affecting his feet and no trim or shoe in
the world can correct completely for it. The right trim can give
comfort but it will not reverse or compensate for the continued damage
of high insulin.

It took me much too long to get that message in my head and my horse
suffered with continuing laminitis as a result. Suggest you read the
file "Tips for Hay Storage". Work and think a little every day about
moving Buddy to a balanced, low ESC+starch diet, either through
creatively storing your hay or using the ODTB cubes as Joan mentioned.

Go to the list home page and click on the files link in teh upper left
hand corner. Go to folder #8 "Putting it All Together". In there you
will find "Hay -- Tips for finding and storing". Also go to the "Beet
Pulp" file and in it look for the folder "Beet Pulp Sources". In it
you will find a list by states of who carriers BP and Ontario Dehy
Timothy Balanced Cubes. Give me a shout privately if you can't find it.

Thinking of Buddy....

Nancy C and Beau and Gabe in NH

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As you see, your insulin level is VERY high. Although I'm not a vet, I
suspect that is one of the biggest factors in your laminitis.

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