when to euthanize

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This is my first post, and a bit late probably. I will try to keep it
short. I have a 24 year old TWH, who my mother bought when I was
five. When he was 10 he was sold to a trial riding couple and I kept
up with him over the years. two years ago, they were ready to retire
him and I could not get him in the trailer quick enough to get him
home!!! The sad thing is, they didn't tell me he wasn't sound. I
hadn't been on a horse since I was 14, and had no idea what that huge
cresty neck was from. When he got home, he bucked under saddle,
stumbled bad up front, and appeared to have a stifle issue. This was
not the same horse I sold as a kid. To fast foward a couple years, I
gave up on riding him, have read everything I can get my hands on
about cushing's syndrome (especially after that first winter he never
shed out). My vet advised skipping pergolide, she thought he was old
enough and advanced enough that it may be throwing good money after
bad (did I mention he was not a free horse?) Cushing's is not his
only issue.
So here I am in December, it is 30 degrees and my horse is out there
sweating. I clipped a little, but colder weather is coming. Bute
makes him colic, so his stilfle is hot and he kicks me when I touch
it. He's not mean, that was the first time in 24 years I saw him
kick. He is a firey horse, and hates not being ridden. He's getting
very off to himself and grumpy. I know he could live longer with a
little TLC, but I know he won't be happy unless he can run like when
he was 4, and nothing will make him rideable(which is what he wants).
I am thinking of putting him down before all our memories of him are
of the mean old horse that ate our kids or something! Seriously, no
oneloves him more than me, but I'm not good with letting him suffer.
Please be kind on my decision not to medicate, and I know I could
shut him in a stall and let him live longer. but let me know if there
is someone else that has been in my shoes. thanks

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