Re: when to euthanize

Mandy Woods

Why on earth would you NOT medicate? ITs so available, affordable and it works!
The first thing I would suggest to you is find out what is going on with your childhood friend. You owe him that. The DDT's that we sing about here are simple. Diagnosis is by bloodwork. Diet is low carbohydrate/fat and Trim means a balanced foot, toes backed and heels lowered. Can't get much simpler than that?!
IF you have your vet out for bloodwork, get the endogenous ACTH test. This is a blood pull into a chilled purple top. Do not get the Dex Test. Then, have the vet pull one more tube for gluecose and a thyroid panel. Send these samples to Cornell. There is a file for specifics. Have the tests early in the week in a quiet barn.
Now you can start the Temporary Diet today. Soak his hay! Soaking removes up to 30% sugar from the hay. Get a bag of plain shredded beet pulp and rinse/soak/rinse it to use as a carrier for the vitaminE and minerals. Get him off pasture, any greenies, treats, apples, carrots etc. You need to reduce all the sugars that go in his mouth. In a few days you'll see a change in him! Get a farrier out to trim his feet.
Read the files.
There are many here who will help you. We've been through this! 24 is NOT old today in the equine world. If he's still 'firey' then he's not ready to leave you. He's hurting and his behavior is his only way of telling you that. Your boy has more useful years ahead of him - you can help him and we'll coach you. Will you try it?
IF you enter his history here, we'll be responding..

Mandy and Asher in VA

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