Re: when to euthanize


Hi, and welcome to the list!

As the owner of a 24 year old TWH that I've had since my late teens
and has been my life long companion, I understand what you're going
through. Sometimes it seems like it's easier to think the worst and
protect yourself from the pain, especially given where he is right
now, and the fact that you've finally just reunited and had to deal
with the fact that someone didn't love him as much as you did. I was
at the point of thinking I'd have to euthanize my boy, too, when I
finally found this list.

That was 3 years ago, and I won't say that CG doesn't have his down
days (don't we all?) but he just about popped my back the other day
with a GREAT BIG BUCK as we cantered through the fields :-) The help
you'll find here can and does work.

So, I'm going to be pompous and outspoken and say that neither of you
are truly ready to give up yet. Not when you've just found this list.

Get serious about listing everything you know about your boy on the
history page and through emails. Start the emergency diet. Get the
blood work done. Scan the files for directions and ask us for help.
I'm seriously amazed on a daily basis at the number of people on this
list that dedicate their time and energy to support others, both human
and equine.

Yes, some of this may cost a little more than keeping your average
back yard pasture ornament, but the costs can be controlled, and if
you can manage it, it's worth it. Changing his diet is the easiest
way to start.

Hang in there, and keep asking for help!

Kim & CG

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