Re: Triple Crown Low Starch

Larson <seahorses3@...>

Judy, from every vet I've ever known (and that's quite a few), hay is precisely what should be increased in cold weather, for the reasons you cite - it is more work to utilize, ergo more calories expended, and we all know from just mucking out how warm you get expending calories. There are figures on how much to increase, but I will let the feed gurus chime in on that. The tipping temperature (for a horse) to increase, as I recall from a lecture at Tufts Veterinary, is below 20 degrees (wind chill would be a factor in the degree measurement).

Carol and Blue in Maine

At 09:18 AM 12/14/2007, you wrote:

INot sure how the
metabolism of domesticated horses differs if any from wild horses but
cold wet hay sounds like more work to utilize than dry food.

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