Re: when to euthanize

Larson <seahorses3@...>

Hi (need name here!) - please know it is not too late. Many, many of us have been in your shoes. When you can, search for "success stories" and it will give you hope and encouragement, which we all need when things get hard. And please know that every response you get from people on this list is sent with care and concern for you and your horse. Some of us may be a bit blunt, but know there is no hurt intended - a lot of us needed that kick in the seat to get us going in the right direction. And yuou might try a more positive and supportive vet - they can be your right hand, or they can drag you down. You will need that right hand.

Carol and Blue in Maine

At 08:32 AM 12/14/2007, you wrote:

This is my first post, and a bit late probably.
but let me know if there
is someone else that has been in my shoes. thanks

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