Re: when to euthanize

Abby Nemec

Brett Kaple wrote:
Thank you for answering me! I was given a pergolide cost of $65 to $75 a month.
A script from your vet can get you pergolide at either of the following for half that:

I have done all the dietary changes already.
With all respect - if you want to run through what he's getting it's likely we can help you be sure there are no holes.

I also trim him correctly, he has not foundered but does have thin flat soles that get sensetive.
We have herbs for that! Hey it may sound wacky, but honestly they WORK.

My only problem is this; today he still has that hot sensetive stifle. Bute makes him colic.
As a rule we're not big fans of bute anyway. There are a couple nutritional things you can use that will be at LEAST as effective. Microlactin, Phyto-Quench, Devil's Claw, and more! Knowing what you're feeding right now will help us to know which way to steer you for pain relief.

You are a friendly bunch.
We try to be! We've all been "put off" at one time or another by the wrong approach, and try so hard to remember that the medium is the message ...

Thank you for not being judgemental!
How could we judge you? We're not there doing what you're doing. It's NEVER easy, even when it's simple!

By the way, there is a reason I called him Firey. His name is Wildfire!
Well, glad we could be here, Holly & Wildfire.


Abby Bloxsom

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