Re: when to euthanize

Joan and Dazzle

Hi Holly,

There are still things that you can do to help your horse. The
reason that we have case histories and detailed explanations about
what's going on is so that we have a better idea of how to help you
help your horse.

Let me brain storm for a few minutes on some of the things you can
do to help your horse.

Pergolide. Get a script from your vet. My vet didn't want to give me
one, but with persistance, he finally did. I order my pergolide from
Vetpet Solutions for $55 for 100 days (includes shipping).

It's winter time. Wrap his legs. His body is very furry, but his
legs are missing muscle, etc that helps keep them warm.

Be sure that your diet is squared away. Low sugar and starch. Test
your hay to be sure. You can't tell the sugar and starch content of
hay by looking at it. "Crappy" hay is not necessarily low in sugar
and starch. "Lush" looking hay is not necessarily high. You can't
tell the content from the outside.

It sounds like you're good with your trim. My suggestion would be to
try the jiaogulan and AAKG. That may make your horse more
comfortable. They also have anti-inflammatory properties.

Get an ACTH, insulin, glucose test done. That way, you know exactly
what you need to target. What breed is he?

What sort of bedding do you have him on? How deep is it?

You report that you have a stifle issue. This could be lots of
things. And could be secondary to something else - like from laying
on that one side all the time, or compensating because he's not
weighting his opposite hoof correctly.

When you visit him, breathe softly and tell him that you love him.

With a cresty neck, addressing the diet is a huge start. Tell us
more about the diet, so that we can see that it's as tight as
possible during this critical time. It takes time. Get him as
comfortable as possible until everything starts to come together.

All the decisions are yours. But there are still things that you can
try that will not break the bank.

Get him more comfortable and his personality will change. Pergolide
is a huge start.

Joan and Dazzle

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Thank you for answering me! I was given a pergolide cost of $65
to $75 a month. I have done all the dietary changes already. I
also trim him correctly, he has not foundered but does have thin
flat soles that get sensetive.
Thanks, Holly

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