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My horse was diagnosed in Sept. of this year. This group changed his life, in just these few short months. Sure, it takes a little more work, and I can tell you my head spun like Linda Blair in the Exorcist in the first month. I felt like I was drowning in information, and could never sort it all out, but I did, and step by step, as he's gotten better (which is soooo rewarding, to see that my efforts have produced such results!) the "process" has gotten simpler. I was lying awake for weeks on end, worrying about the "what next" and if what I was doing was enough or too much (turns out it was too much) but as I cried, I also read everything in this group, and asked for help, and was stunned at the intelligence, compassion and dedication of the people in this group. Not just friendly, but brilliant. This group is cutting edge, and far more informed about cushings/IR than many, many vets. If I had followed my vet's advice, my horse would probably be in the ground by now. I love my ve
t, but there is more information here than most vet's have time for. Lucky for me, I had a vet that has allowed me to do what I want, and has given me whatever I wanted, when I wanted it!
Looking back, I think the first few days (week) can really be the simplest. Do the diet. Do the blood work. Get he pergolide ASAP. It really is quite cheap from either of those companies. I paid $50 for 3 months at 1 mg/day. Stay connected to this group. And, like they told me when I joined.....breathe. You are in the right place and I agree - your boy just wants some help from you to get better. And he can! He's not ready to go.
We can help. (listen to me, being calm & reassuring....far from the panicked newbie of a few months ago!)
Hang in there.

I am a member of Rural Area Veterinary Services. See what we do!

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