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Hey Holly, welcome to you and Wildfire. Please don't use bute. Bute slows healing and the colic is likely from sensitivity or damage in his gastro-intestinal tract. Try Phyto-Quench at

The big fat neck is Insulin Resistance which is controlled with Diet. The learning curve is tremendous so hang on for the ride..... The easiest and most effective place to start here is with the Emergency Diet. Please read through it, it was emailed to you when you joined. Any questions, please ask.

Cost of pergolide - available from Pet Health Pharmacy at
available at Vet Pet Solutions at

Get a script from your vet - failure to shed and his breed makes it a pretty easy diagnosis. The ACTH test would be of benefit after you've started dosing him if you are working within a budget. Start with 1.0 mg pergolide and plan to increase if he's had the disease for awhile. There are miracles that can and do happen with pergolide! If you draw ACTH after 4-6 weeks on pergolide you can measure how effective the dose is.

And your vet is WRONG about treatment with Pergolide - it absolutely does work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holly, while I know you are considering euthanizing your childhood friend, I also think the fact that you have just joined our list tells us you may still be hopeful that you could find something to help your boy. We may not be able to fix his stifle injury for you BUT you will see massive improvements with your boy through the control of his diet and with pergolide.

And for what it's worth, I'm managing a 38 year old Standardbred horse with Cushing's Disease and he runs and rips around the pasture like a 10 year old. No joke!!! He receives 2 mg pergolide daily and is on a low sugar/starch/fat diet.

If you decide to "give it a try" we'll walk your through each step, we promise!

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