Re: Triple Crown Low Starch

5 Pine Ranch

When it comes to nutrition for IR and Cushing's horses, we don't "do" close <smile>

TC Low Starch is around 15% sugar/starch - too high for most horses on this list. A guaranteed analysis of the feed store product is the first place to start, including sugar/starch levels, list of ingredients etc.

Beet pulp benefits can't be expressed enough. Glycemic Index is around 1 when served with no molasses. Custom mix about 70 cents per day in most cases (or less!). If feeding safe hay, no more than a handful of soaked beet pulp is needed to add supplements for the horse where TC Low Starch has feed recommendations listed in pounds, not handfuls so is it really more cost effective? Doubtful.

Hay is the single most important part of your horses diet and the first place to start.

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