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You will get lots of great support and suggestions to help you and your horse. I did notice that you said he was bedded on straw. Some horses find that to be quite a delicacy and it is not good for a low carb/sugar diet. Is he boarded or do you care for him at home? Sometimes boarding situations can make controlling diet and environment a little more tricky. The strong smelling, frequent urination will decrease when his condition is controlled. I have a 19 year old gelding who my vet suggested strongly that I put him down because he is a sinker , without even putting up a fight. We are 3 months in to our fight and he improves some everyday and his pain is controlled with herbs instead of bute or bantamine. The low, thin sensitive soles of your guys feet may be a warning of worse things to come with his feet. Correct diet can really help with that and some well meaning vets are not aware of just what the best diet is for these guys. Don't let all that is offered here overwhelm you. Take it in small increments if it starts to be too much. The diet and labs are paramount. I was in your shoes just a short time ago and couldn't see daylight but today is a much better day so don't give up to good fight yet! Your boy will let you know when he has had enough. Where are you located?

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Thank you for answering me! I was given a pergolide cost of $65 to $75 a month. I have done all the dietary changes already. I also trim him correctly, he has not foundered but does have thin flat soles that get sensetive. I am on my way to the vet, I will research pergolide further. My only problem is this; today he still has that hot sensetive stifle. Bute makes him colic. I'll talk to the vet and let you know. You are a friendly bunch. Thank you for not being judgemental! By the way, there is a reason I called him Firey. His name is Wildfire!
Thanks, Holly

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